Factors affecting the price of talcum powder

Posted time:2022-02-11 Page View:1908

Talc is processed from talc, the color of the product is white, and it is a commonly used material. The price of talc has been volatile over the years. After the actual investigation of the editor, it was found that these are the "culprits" that directly affect the price of talc powder!


First of all, the price of talc is affected by market public opinion and online evaluation, which also has a certain impact on it, thus causing fluctuations in demand.

Market competition also affects product quality to a great extent, and now the number of talc manufacturers has gradually increased, so the intensity of competition can be imagined, and "price reduction" is a manifestation of competition.

The idle and miscellaneous production machinery has become advanced, and the cost of labor has gradually increased, which is also an important reason for the increase in the price of talc.

Affected by environmental protection and rectification, the mining of talc and other mineral resources has been banned in many regions, which has made the raw materials of talc mineral products increasingly tight, and the output will also decrease accordingly.


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