Processing technology of talcum powder

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The beneficiation method of beneficiation and purification of talc is as follows:


1) Flotation Due to the natural flotability of talc, hydrocarbon oil collectors can be flotated. The commonly used collector is kerosene, and flotation oil is used as a foaming agent. The foam generated by methyl isobutyl methanol (MIBC) is brittle and easy to obtain concentrate. The talc flotation process is relatively simple, and it only needs one roughing, one sweeping, and 2-4 selections to obtain concentrate.

2) Hand selection Hand selection is based on the different smoothness of talc and gangue minerals by hand selection. Talc has good slippery properties, the higher the grade, the better the slippery properties, and it is easy to identify by hand feel. Most talc mines in China use hand-selected talc blocks to produce talc blocks.

3) Electrostatic beneficiation In addition to talc, talc ore also contains magnesite, magnetite, magnetite, tremolite and other minerals, and the embedded particle size is about 0.5mm. In the electrostatic field, talc is negatively charged, magnesite is positively charged, and both magnetite and magnetorite are good conductors, so the above minerals are easily separated in the electric field.

4) Magnetic separation Talc concentrate is required not only to have a certain degree of fineness, but also to have a certain degree of whiteness. Due to the presence of dyed iron minerals in the ore, sometimes the above method is not enough, and magnetic separation is required to remove iron minerals. The use of wet magnetic separation can reduce the iron content of talc concentrate from 4% to 5% to less than 1%.

5) Photoelectric sorting Photoelectric sorting is a sorting method based on the difference in optical properties of the surface of talc and impurity minerals. The photoelectric separator includes preparation mechanisms (mine bins, feeders, belt conveyors), radiation sources and detectors (sensors), electronic control circuits and actuators, etc.

6) Selective crushing and screening Using the difference in selective crushing and shape of talc and gangue minerals, the method of impact crushing and alternate use of rectangular sieves and square sieves for frontier sieving can separate most of the associated quartz and gangue minerals. more than half of the carbonate minerals.