Liaoning Xinda Talc Group, founded in 1995, is located in Haicheng, China, known as the "hometown of slippery stone". As one of the top ten enterprises in Talc industry in China, Liaoning Xinda Talc Group is a comprehensive enterprise group integrating mining, mineral processing, research and development, deep processing and sales. The group has 2 mines, 3 production bases and 8 subsidiaries. The mining area of the group is located in the main vein of talc deposit in southern Liaoning province, which is rich in the world's best talc raw materials, with high whiteness, good purity, no asbestos and heavy metals and other advantages. Mainly engaged in talc powder, talc masterbatch, hollow plate and other three series of talc products.

Xinda people adhering to the "character and product, win heart and profit coexist" business philosophy, with green environmental protection, continuous innovation of the enterprise spirit, dedicated to serving customers at home and abroad.

Talc masterbatch factory

Talcum powder factory