Talc Masterbatch

Talc masterbatch is a plastic modified filler, the main component is talc powder, which is formed by mixing and granulating polymers or other carriers. It is mainly used to improve the properties of rubber, plastic resins, etc. Compared with talc powder, talc powder masterbatch has good processability and improves the dispersion problem of talc powder.

In the production process of talc masterbatch and other materials, it has no dust, easy filling, no bridging, uniform mixing, and stable addition ratio. Compared with powder, the production efficiency is improved by more than 30%. The product is widely used in automobiles and home appliances. Plastic materials, plastic sheets, pipes, food packaging and other fields.

The talc masterbatch produced by Liaoning Xinda Talc Group is suitable for the automotive field and used in automotive interior and exterior plastic products, which can greatly improve the mechanical properties of the products, enhance rigidity, strength, toughness, and reduce shrinkage. Recommended products: SDG-80878, SDG-92876, SDG-92885.

Applicable to the field of home appliances, used for home appliance shells, building boards, daily plastic products, etc. It can greatly improve the rigidity, aging resistance, heat resistance and flame retardancy of products. Recommended products: SDE-92776, SDG-92872, SDE-90742.

It is suitable for the field of packaging, used for disposable lunch boxes, tableware, food packaging and some daily necessities, plastic packaging of industrial supplies, etc., can improve the heat resistance and rigidity of products, reduce the cost of raw materials. Recommended product: SDP-90740Z.

The talc masterbatch produced by Xinda Talc Group generally has a talc content of 75%-80%, and generally uses PP, PE, and POE as carriers. If the customer has a requirement for the proportion of ash in the masterbatch, it can be granulated according to the proportion of talcum powder added and according to different production and processing techniques, such as honey mill air-cooled hot-cut granulation, twin-screw water-strand granulation, etc.