XDTALC——The top 10 enterprises in China's talc industry

Posted time:2022-01-18 Page View:3155

Founded in 1995 on the Land of Talc—Haicheng, China, as one of the top 10 enterprises in China's talc industry, Liaoning Xinda Talc Group is a comprehensive enterprise integrating mining, mineral processing, research and development, deep processing and sales. The group has 2 mines, 3 production bases and 8 subsidiaries. The group's mining areas are distributed on the main ore veins of the talc deposits in southern Liaoning, where the world's highest quality talc raw materials are abundant, with the advantages of high whiteness, good purity, asbestos and heavy metals free. Mainly engaged in three series products of talc powder, talc masterbatch, hollow plate. Persisting on the operation concept of “Pursue honesty and quality at the same time,win hearts and profits together”, Xinda insist on the enterprise spirit of environmental-friendly and continuous innovation, and dedicates service to all customers around the world.