How to check the fineness of talc powder

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Many users do not know how to check the fineness of talc powder. The following editor will introduce it to you in detail: Talc powder manufacturers


1. Surface masking modification

One of the more common methods is to cover the surface active agent on the surface of the talc particles, so that the surface of the particles changes from hydrophilic to hydrophobic, and the particles and polymers can be compatible.

2. Mechanochemistry

It is mainly to pulverize large particles to make them smaller, the surface adsorption capacity is relatively enhanced, it is easy to adsorb other substances, and the process is relatively simple.

3. Modification of outer film layer

The particle surface is uniformly coated with a layer of polymer.

4. Local active modification

The chemical reaction is grafted on the surface of the particle with some groups or functional groups that are compatible with the polymer. So as to achieve the purpose of compounding inorganic particles and polymers.

5. Sedimentation reaction modification

This method is to use the deposition reaction to coat the surface of the talc particles.